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Sunday, 29 November 2009

A new lamp and NMM attempt

I bought a nice new lamp during the week. I didn't actually realize how bad the spotlight I used was until I tried the new one. It is a halogenic magnifying lamp.
Tho the magnifier is a bit creepy  and difficult to work with, It is good to stop every now and then and have a look at the mini under it. Fortunately it can be used as just anormal lamp with the lens-cap on. The light it gives is really good, feels like painting in daylight and It's almost not heating at all whereas the spot was blinding and hot.

Shiny new lamp set up, spirit's high, time to get on with painting the metallic parts as a next step. To be honest I never really liked metallic paints so I always tried to avoid leaving any metal surface on my minis. Having played mainly W40k with Tau this wasn't very difficult. If you have a look at the original plan I made for Marco Colombo, you will see that there are only a few golden areas, mainly thin edges and studs. So, although I wasn't planning to, seeing other painter's work I just couldn't resist trying to paint NMM on this mini.
When I started playing Confrontation I just couldn't put myself up to painting any of Rackham's beautiful minis. They simply looked too good to ruin them with average quality painting. (I think this is what put most people off from playing Confrontation / Rag-Narok.) There were only a few cynwall elves I painted and that was the first (and last until now) time I tried to paint nmm. But that was years ago, since that I realized that I have to paint some trash to progress. :D
I am, unfortunately, not good at blending yet, so it is not half as good as the ones that have given me the inspiration, but I'm still pleased with the result. If I never do anything worse than this, I'll be one happy man.

The photos are a lot better quality too, thanks to the new lamp. :)

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