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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Still no painting

Now this is getting embarrassing... I haven't touched that mini for a month or so. Last weekend I carried on cleaning the new ones, made some nice bases and thought a lot of a theme for them. I also bought some new ones for the same faction from a gaming shop (apparently the only one that sells this range in London). And today I and a friend of mine just couldn't resist trying out the game with the bare metal minis and some counters.
Kinda funny, I started playing before I even finished painting the first mini (not counting the drybrush horror). But this is just how it goes. I swear not to buy any more stuff until I finish the painting of what I already have and then I just leave them on the shelf, buy new ones, swear not to buy any more... rinse, repeat.
But at least I know that I've found an amazing game that I enjoy very much.

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