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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Another long weekend - and a lot of progress

This weekend I didn't start painting a new mini yet, but assembled and cleaned all my Resurrectionists for Malifaux instead. All except one: Seamus the mad hatter. I dont think I'll have time to paint anything for a while and even if I would, I'd need some place to prime them. So not for at least two more weeks when I'm moving in to the new flat.

Some pics of the cleaned and assembled (or in some cases ready to be assembled) minis:
Mortimer the Gravedigger and 3 Necropunks

Punk Zombies

Rotten Belles and Madame Sybelle

The Resurrectionist Totems
Copycat Killer, Zombie Chihuahua, Vulture and the Grave Spirit

I cant wait to paint them. :D

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