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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Gaming, gaming and more gaming

I find this club (CGC) better and better every time I go there. Yesterday there was Infinity intro night in which I wanted to participate as I long wished to try this game.
The organisers made small (60 points, I think) groups to fight each other just by core rules and game mechanics. The whole thing turned out to be a lot of fun, it reminded me of old times when I used to play paintball; you have to look behind every corner and wall and bush and whatnot, remember where your mates were and try to calculate where your enemies might be by now. Look out for blind spots and nasty hiding places; shortly this game has everything that makes a tactical game enjoyable. Infinity is the most strategy based tabletop-strategy game I have seen so far. The rules seem to be very difficult and awkward but in game they make a lot of sense and turn the game into something more realistic then any other system I know of. I highly recommend the game to anyone who is fond of sci-fi tactical games, be it video games such as Commandos, X-com or Command & Conquer; or tabletop games as Necromunda, AT-43 or VOR the Maelstorm.
After the intro session I had a Malifaux game against Pandora and Co. This was - so far - the most enjoyable Mfx game I played. I'm not gonna write Battle report as I have some ideas for the future and also because it was an intro kind of game as my opponent hasn't played before.
Altogether I had a great night and I got a new game on the to-do list.

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