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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Speed-painting the Ortegas

Last weekend I went through my cases to see how I was doing with painted minis. I realised that on the bottom of it there was a crew that I practically did not touch for many months. The Ortegas.

I usually only use them for intros and demo games because they are really easy to start with and they are a formidable enemy to my preferred rezzer crews so people with no experience can have an enjoyable game with them. But since they are not painted, they hardly ever stir interest. So I decided to speed-paint them, or at least paint them as quick as I can up to a good tabletop standard. Also, if I paint them up I will apply for the henchmen program at Wyrd miniatures, so finally our club will have a resident rep for Malifaux.
So here's the process I made so far:
Hour 0 - assembled and primed as they were.
Hour 4 - all faces and skin areas painted.
This took me a lot longer then I thought it would, but, on the other hand, it was one of the most difficult parts of painting them. I wanted to have a little Mediterranean feel on these guys so the skin tone I used is more orange then normally. Not sure if it is what I was after, but doesn't look bad at all.
Hour 6 - lighter, buff fabrics and all jeans basecoated. All eyes painted (man, were they really crap sculpts), but might have to go back to correct Francisco's.
Hour 8 - some leathers and some black areas basecoated, mainly progress on Perdita: hair painted, shirt painted all leathers basecoated, finally could glue her hat on. I tried to copy the hair from the studio mini (I think painted by Eric Jones) so no credits for me there. Although not as good as his version, it still looks pretty cool.
Hour 10 - Perdita finished, all other guys' jeans shaded / highlighted. Papa Loco tin plate on the head painted. This was an interesting bit, I did not even notice it until I painted his hair. Only then it was sort of sticking out as something too geometrical to be hair. Might go back on it with some rust to make it pop. I am very happy with how Perdita turned out. I spent a little more time on her, being the head of the family. The 'fabric effect' on her jeans is something I'm proud of; I did not plan to do it originally and even if I did, I had no idea how to. So it was kind of instinctive and looks better then planned. She's got loads of small fiddly metal bits that were particularly difficult and time consuming but overall the mini looks good and I'm happy I spent the time on her.


  1. Looking very good! I like the Ortegas, the first crew I played with and finished painting.

  2. Thank you, I really enjoy painting them, nice change from all the undead stuff.

  3. I am glad you pointed out the metal part of Papa's head because I had missed it ;)

  4. Really nice paint job on these, especially under the time pressure! I do like what you've done with Perdita, and on Papa's face.
    For some reason he reminds me of a Disney character (possibly Gepetto?) and I feel like he should have a red nose.

    I've had a good read of your blog today and enjoyed following your progress. I've added you to my blogroll, and look forward to following you in the future!


  5. @ winter
    Yes I am glad I painted his hair grey not red, that would have been a little tricky to turn into metal. :P

    He is like Gieppetto! :D Although it doesn't show up on the photo I painted his nose with a red-ish hue.
    Thanks, I'm glad you like the blog, I'll make sure to check out yours.

  6. Your Perdita is fantastic. Great work on these speedpaints.

  7. Looking good! I need to pick up a second crew, and the Ortegas have always been high on the list.