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Sunday, 4 October 2009

First steps

On my return to England I took a few minis with me as well as all my old paints and brushes and some of my tools. Unfortunately half the paints were dry or at least too thick so I had to get rid of them. :(

The miniatures are some random orcs and goblins from Rackham I wanted to convert for my Blood Bowl team, a couple of Ral-Partha monsters, a few more random pieces from Rackham and a GW mini (Marco Colombo) I got as a present from a friend. I'll try to paint some of these before I start painting any of those I will possibly field.

The first one I chose was a crystal/ice-elemental from Ral-Partha that seemed simple enough to finish it quickly with some easy drybrushing and still have an acceptable result.

Clearly, I was wrong.
Painting minies required a lot more patience and focus then I remembered. But no despair, I already picked an other one to paint, paying more attention to the painting part this time.

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