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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Painting attempt #2

Time to get on with painting again. I need a piece that has enough details on it to practice the fiddly parts and also big surfaces to incrase my paint control skills.

The mini I picked to paint is Marco Colombo from Games Workshop, an explorer of the empire (I think... to be honest I was never really into the world of Warhammer Fantasy). He has a nice rippled cloak to practice shading plain colours, a small piece of armour with some ornaments and a spyglass for different nmm projects and some bits and bobs to make the mini really interesting. I think it will be a lot of fun to paint this piece.

I already cleaned and basecoated it back then before I put it away so I won't need to bother with spraying in my flat. However I did not make a nice scene for him but just simply glued the mini on a plain gw plastic base so now I have to struggle making a thin layer of green stuff under his feet. While waiting for the putty to dry I'm making a rough plan of the colours I will use.

I've found this picture somewhere on google, this gave me the main idea for the colours but I wanted black armour-plates with golden inserts and studs.

To be continued...

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