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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Some painting + falling in love with new minis

Unfortunately I only have time to paint on weekends. On Saturday I did the first layers of skin, some reds and blacks. A bit random but I don't really remember how I used to do this so now I just go for what I feel like.
Today I tried some shading on the skin and on the cloak, and painted up some of the green stuffed base. It's far from ready yet, but hey, at least its getting there. :)

There is quite a lot to practice. There is absolutely no blending on the cloak, looks as if it was drybrushed. :( And also made a huge mistake by using black for the darker shades of red. But right after the brush touched the mini I realized, I should have used green. My arts teacher would most probably kick my arse for this... Oh well, next time.

A couple of weeks ago I was looking around on the web and I've found a shiny new game that seems perfect for my taste. Highly tactic oriented skirmish game with reasonably sized teams (not armies of 100 minis). The style is a complete mixture of western, victorian-horror, steampunk and whatnot. The minis are awesome and the background is original. The name is 'Malifaux' from a small American company: Wyrd. I remember seeing their stylish minis some time back but now they made a game for them, so I could not resist ordering a rulebook and a starter box.
More next week, hope RM won't lose my parcel...

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