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Monday, 7 December 2009

Gems and glasses

This week I only wanted to paint the Gems and the lenses of the spyglass but I got carried away and cleaned up a lot of little things.
The mini is almost ready, but now I dont know what to do with the feathers and the hilt of the sword. I'll try I few coulours in photoshop before I paint them. The lamp is still amazing, it's my new 'best spent £20 ever' item.


  1. Jesus man, your effect on the gemstones almost gave me a hard-on. :D

    What's this mysterious lamp?

  2. lol cheers Vish, I am quite happy with it too. First time I painted this kinda stuff in like 5 years - that's when I finished my Tau army. ;)
    The lamp is a magnifier lamp but can be used without the lens. It has a circular non-heating full spectrum light-bulb(?) that is quite big so gives perfect lighting for taking pics too. Kills all shadows. Now with a few more minis behind me the only drawback is that the light is too perfect and my eyes adjust to it while painting. When I finish a mini it looks great, but doesn't really look as good in the dim britland daylight.