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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Some old stuff

Christmas over, I'm back from holiday and I have not come with hands empty. I brought some of my old minis back with me and now I took photos of them.
Mind you these minis are 4-5 , some even 6-7 years old. The pics in order: Cynwall Azure Hunter from Rackham; some kind of elven ranger from Mage Knight Metal; Cynwall Selsym Warrior from Rackham front and shield view; Cynwall Asadar  from Rackham front and rear view; Cynwall Construct original head, body and base built from greenstuff - I made this mini for Cadwallon, it was the automaton familiar for my character - unfortunately it is very badly painted, but I wish to do it again; two goblins from my Bloodbowl team, both converted, originally from Rackham; and on the last picture all of them standing on a home made terrain element based on Rackham's studio piece. As it is quite obvious I was really fond of Rackham minis, however I never got the skills to paint them up properly, which is why most people started to dislike them. The sculpts are just too amazing for an average or bad paint job. Fortunately I stocked up before they stopped molding the metals so as soon as I feel ready for the challenge I'll start painting all the minis I have from them.


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