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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Nicodem convert finished + some Totems

After I let the putty cure all day yesterday I could finish Nicodem today. The lantern got two bars on the sides and an extra rim on the base and I completed Nico's hand.
I am not perfectly satisfied with the lantern, next time I should probably make it separately from the arm as sculpting something hanging in the air is a bit difficult and that shows up on the piece. Not detailed enough and a bit rough on the surfaces. The hand however is very good, better than I expected from me in fact, but the whole work will really only show up after painting.

Now that he's done I wanted to make his totems - the Vultures. Originally there is only one sculpt but he can field two of them in the same time. Although I love the original sculpt I don't want to have two of them looking the exact same so I used the one from the graveyard accessory set  for the second one. That is  by the way the same sculpt as the one on his arm and signifcantly smaller then the totem piece so I had to mount it on something. Fortunately I have some gremlins put aside that I only bought because they look fun to paint. Them gremlins come with little piglets that look like the perfect meal for a vulture. So I picked one and tried to dissect it a bit around the belly shoving up some ribs and bowels. I also made a hole in one of the eye-sockets to play on the general idea about the evergreen relationship of a beak and an eyeball.

The last piece I have worked on this weekend is the Grave Spirit - an other Totem for the Resurrectionists. The mini is pretty straightforward, fits the base perfectly so I only added some rocks around to fill out all the space and a gravestone for the background.

The stone reads 'Philip Tombers.' He is a key character of the Earthlings history in Malifaux. A student archeologist wandering in the world of Malifaux following his dead mentor's notes. He read the notes but the knowledge drove him crazy and brought his death in the end as he ended up in an asylum from where he was kidnapped and killed in the process. And still, that knowledge was not entirely lost, his tomb was robbed, the arcanist Rasputina putting her hands on his -and his mentor's- journal and Seamus resurrecting his remaining and most precious part: his head. For the stories download Wyrd Chronicles from the Wyrd website. Follow Mr Tombers' Head's tweets.

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