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Friday, 8 January 2010

Nicodem grows a hand

My better half is out with colleagues so I got a quiet night in. :) Therefore I carried on with Nico's right arm.

I cut off most of what I had done on the lantern and redesigned it a bit. I didn't want to go for a hexagonal moroccan style lantern as first thought I would so I looked around on the net a bit and decided on a gas-lamp design. Apart from this I amended the handle piece so that it was in the right position and built up the hand as well. The lantern is missing some parts and Nicodem has no thumb yet, but I'll finish these last bits when this layer cured.

I also found this great weblog: TableTop Geeks. These guys have built a superb folding gaming table with modular terrain boards. Tho it is still a work in progress it is an awesome project, definitely worth checking out.
On a sidenote: they also have a page for Malifaux downloads including trigger sheets, reference cards and whatnot.

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