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Sunday, 14 March 2010

First Malifaux minis painted

As promised to my self I started painting my Resurrectionists for Malifaux. I picked the 'spirit' models first as I had something in mind for them (namely the Hanged and the Grave Spirit).
Much to my disappointment the Hanged turned out to be probably the worst minis I've ever painted so far. I wanted to use very muted colours for the clothes with the rope kind of 'burning' around them. The result is a couple of dudes probably found guilty in committing fashion crime and punished to death by hanging with psychedelic orange rope. They were meant to be experimental but not this much. Probably I'll buy a new blister and paint them again and these can be converted and re-painted to hang on the Hanging Tree I'm working on.
 After this little accident, I would call it, I needed something to lift my spirits. Something easy to paint but still attractive. So I dumped the original idea of the Mindless Dead and did the Grave Spirit instead. Straightforward piece, i made a good base for it and I had the simple but attractive colours in mind already. It probably looked slightly better before I attempted to make osl on it but I just couldn't resist... This is where I always go wrong. Just cannot wait with my bloody ideas. Anyway, I am happy with it, the bronze helmet turned out great, the tombstone is as good as I wanted it (apart from the fingerprint on the back that stayed hidden in the putty until the basecoat went on it), and the gradient is good enough (from me that is).

Now at least I know that I have to be patient with the rest of them and plan well, don't just jump into any kind of crazy ideas as I did now. I'm not gonna paint the masters just yet so next I'll go for Bete Noire and then probably the mindless dead. I still have a lot of sculpting to do such as the bases for the Necropunks and for the entire Undertaker's Lot crew and several counters and markers, but basically I have everything to play, I 'just' have to paint the crews so that's gonna be first priority for now.

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