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Sunday, 21 March 2010

More Malifaux

I gave this whole painting thing a second thought and started painting my Belles aka 'Undead Hookers'.
I chose them because they are good practice for Bete Noire and because it's a lot more likely that I use them than Bete (or Mindless Zombies as I want to play with Seamus for now). So the new schedule is Rotten Belles, Madame Sybelle, Bete Noire and Seamus. But I will probably change my mind fifteen times before I actually get there...
Anyway, I have one Belle finished, the other two are waiting for the brush. As this was the first one I didn't quite know what colour I should paint the skin to. The ones on the featured pictures are too alive for my taste, so I tried a light, pale, slightly greenish tone. It did look very good until I painted the dress dark green. I should have thought that two greens won't go well together. Now it looks rather sickly yellow. I will however keep this skin tone for the others as they will have different coloured dresses, so it should work fine. I made the bases for the whole crew already, but they will obviously need the finishing touches once the painted minis are on them and I want to do them all together, so this will stay as it is now.

I also re-painted one Hanged model cause I couldn't bear looking at them like that. Still not perfect but getting there. The paint is still only reasonably thick on it (tho it is already more than what I like) so I will try the other one as well. If I can manage that at least as good as this then I won't need to buy new ones after all. :)

The last thing I busied myself with was drawing some sketches for converting the Mindless Zombies. There are only three sculpts but I will need at least twice as many of them once I start playing Nicodem. Just the sketch for now, I will make a separate post when I start converting them.

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