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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Shot twice by the Ortegas, then frosted by Rasputina...

Finally I have found a great club in Central London where people are at least interested in Malifaux.
(Cross Gaming Club, see link on the right) On the last two Tuesdays we ran small intro games with a guy there, fielding Seamus & Co. vs the Ortega family. We have picked up the mechanics pretty easily and clarified some shaky rules as well as the changes due to erratas. As the intent was to learn the game we didn't play ant strategies or schemes just yet so I won't go into details about them. After these lurning sessions we organised a game with a guy from the Wyrd Forums, 25 SS Arcanists vs Resurrectionists.

Rasputina - 4 SS cache
Wendigo - 2 SS
Ice Gamins x3 - 12 SS
Hoarcat Pride - 5 SS
December Acolyte - 6 SS

Seamus - 6 SS cache
Grave Spirit - 1 SS
Sybelle - 6 SS
Rotten Belle - 4 SS
Punk Zombie x2 - 10 SS

both Assasinate

no Schemes

We made two mistakes, one was chosing to play on 4' x 4' board, the other was not picking any schemes. We ended up spending most of the time trying to get into position, then, as we both were very cautious hardly managed to make any damage.

There were a few nice moments, mainly the ice gamins taking out the grave spirit, then slowly taking out Sybelle; the belle luring the acolyte off a cliff, that plunging into the deep.

Seamus and Rasputina were too afraid to get close to each other, instead they were operating from behind their minions. 'Tina dropping pillars, keeping the punk zombies busy with them, Seamus shooting everything that got past sybelle.

After 6 turns the game ended with 0-0 VPs on both sides. Note to self: next time play on a 3'square board, get schemes and be more aggressive.

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