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Monday, 5 April 2010

Bloody Parasol...

I have finished painting the second Belle. Including the freehand on the parasol and the fishnet gloves. It certainly was a good experiment, but hell I won't paint small fiddely bits for a while that's for sure!

I have decided on the fishnets in the end, even if they don't look grand, but the mini just looked odd without it. The parasol took me quite an effort and still not perfectly finished, but I want to leave it for a while. It just got a bit frustrating in the end when I accidentally touched the brush down on it, closing the pattern on one side. So that will need fixing, plus the grey highlight areas of the black lacing are not done at all. I will also want to go through the golden handle once again, I feel like there's not enough highlight on it. So once I feel up for the challenge again, I'll come back to this piece. And probably the first (green dress) one too, Realized how much more I could do with those eyes.
Anyway, here's some pics of the new one, and one with both of them. Enjoy.

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