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Monday, 3 May 2010

Weeping-Rusty-Sado-Madonna wip#3 - half term

A bit of painting through the weekend got me here. There are many things to fix on her, but for now I'll leave the mini as it is.

I put a few more highlights on the latex and done some rust on the rod and the fan. Pinned / gstuffed her on the base and ready to go. ^ ^ As I said it's good enough for now, when I'll have my crews mostly painted I will have time to touch up some of these little things but as I'm playing more and more I'm getting frustrated by not having my models available because they are still in pieces. I didn't get to carry on painting the other hooker, so that's gonna be the project for next weekend.

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  1. Very nice. If that's an appropriate way to describe her!