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Saturday, 11 September 2010

'Vintage' w40k Tau army

I dug up my old Tau army and had a game of 40k with a friend just for old times sake. I am trying to decide wether I want to finish them or just sell them. Either way I will want to post them sooner or later so here we go...

Back then when I painted them the only thing that mattered was to get them on the table as soon as I could so I used a very simple colour scheme: black primer, some gw scab red panels and golden bits. Brown outfit for the infantry guys and ready. Nothing spectacular and yet I never finished them.

The whole army list as follows:
  • 12 fire warriors with pulse carbines
  • 12 fire warriors with pulse rifles
  • 20 kroot carnivores
  • 1 metal kroot shaper
  • 2 kroot hounds
  • 1 krootox 
  • 6 XV8 Battlesuits
  • 3 XV88 Broadsides
  • 1 Hammerhead
  • 1 Devilfish
  • 2 Pathfinders with pulse carbines
  • 1 Pathfinder leader with pulse carbine
  • 3 Pathfinders with rail rifles
  • 4 XV15 stealth suits
  • 1 XV15 stealth suit leader
  • 1 Sniper drone team 
Some of the painted ones from close-up

And the slightly converted XV8 commander (back then there were no special commander models)

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