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Monday, 1 November 2010

Counters, markers and bases for Malifaux

The tournament is next weekend. I have already given up on painting all my minis but I have to get ready with all markers and counters for my crew.

First of all I wanted to make the 'Evidence' objective markers for Seamus. I will need 3 of these so I decided to make a top hat, a bag of tools and a pocketwatch.

Unfortunately I dropped the watch before I could glue it to the base and add the chain so I didn't finish that one.

Next on the to-do list were the shafted markers.

Although I won't need it for the tournie, but reading through the Encounters section of the rulebook I realized that I have a model stashed away that would be perfect for the Supply Wagon mission so I got it on the table to check if it fits on the 50 mm base as needed. It's a little corpse and soil cart pulled by a leper dwarf. The model is originally a Mid Nor character in Rackham's Cadwallon.

Last but not least I based Hamelin, the Copycat Killer and Bete Noire. Below is the group shot of everything I've done in the weekend.
 And because I didn't have time to do more I just printed some Corpse and Blast markers made by Max von D and glued them on their bases.

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