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Sunday, 24 October 2010

The pied piper of Hamelin wip#1

Hamelin the Ratcatcher is a mercenary character in the Malifaux universe themed around the old fable of the pied piper of Hamelin. And a very nice sculpt with exciting details.

I originally wanted to paint this model for the painting competition back in July but unfortunately it didn't arrive on time. Now I've got it, though, and finally unpacked it to get ready for painting. As Isaid before I really like the sculpt but still managed to find some things that I want to change. He has a belt hanging from his shoulder and some dead rats tied to it. I kind of had the feeling that it was meant to be a satchel but the sculptor forgot to finish it so I slapped some putty on it. The othe thing was Nix's (thats the dog) lead. It is in one piece with Hamelin's hand and then you would have to glue the other end to Nix's collar. I thought that would be the first place where the model breaks so I just curled it back to Hamelin's hand leaving Nix running free, chasing rats.
I'll wait for the putty to cure, then I'll base and hopefully paint him on time for the Tournament on 6th November.

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