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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Seamus and the little fella

This weekend I finally got around to start painting Seamus and the Copycat Killer. I only finished their faces but I am really happy that I took my time and paid these pieces the attention they deserve.

Before I post the pictures I have to tell how scared I was of painting these minis. Seamus is the leader of the Redchappel gang and thus the master I field the most and the Copycat Killer is his little Leprechaun sidekick. These are basically the two most important models for me so I really want to paint them well and this made me do everything else instead of these to avoid disappointing myself. Now that I did start painting I am really happy because these faces turned out just as well as I wanted. It should be noted that these are amazing sculpts and a lot easier to paint then they seem - or at least seemed to me. I even found a surprising little detail on the copycat while painting: a tiny ponytail. :P

First a couple of shots of the Leprechaun:

 Close ups of both faces:

The rest is going to be fairly simple, Seamus will get the original colour scheme (not the studio mini, the artwork from p78 of the Malifaux rulebook); ochre frock coat, black top hat and white pants and the totem will stay as close to that scheme as possible.
To be honest I am so pleased with the faces that I'm gonna be happy with these minis however they turn out.

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