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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Malifaux Merry Christmas

As I mentioned earlier there was a day of playing the Malifaux Christmas story encounters at mine where we used the new half-ready mining town as the scene.

Unfortunately we forgot to take any photos during the game but here is one of the board with the wip saloon and a few models in it. (I took the side and back walls off so the models are visible giving a size reference.)

The encounter we played was 'Christmas Shopping' where you have to collect presents. There was a Christmas tree in the centre of the board as well but it went up in a cloud of splinters, shot with a well aimed bullet from Seamus's flintlock.

I wanted to try a plain crew without any fancy models in it so I brought Seamus, Sybelle with a grave spirit linked to her, 2 belles, 2 punk zombies and a crooked man against Jon's Nevrborn crew featuring Pandora with Kade, three sorrows and a manikin-performer duo. I am not going to write a report on the battle; Jon has already done a great write up that you can find on his blog. It was a great game with a few turns of fate, good lot of action, loads of zombie corpses and Jon's winning with the one remaining present in the end.

I will definitely try more of these story encounters, they are really fun to play.

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  1. Thanks for hosting, it was a most enjoyable game.

    One of the many great things about Malifaux is the objective-based gameplay, and the story encounters enhance that.