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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Mining Town construction

I didn't really feel like painting in the weekend but I still wanted to do some progress. As I organised a day of gaming at mine for after Christmas I thought it would be a good idea to build some terrain.

The obvious choice for Malifaux is old western style mining town. I have been collecting pictures of old american ghost towns and such for a while for this purpose so it was time to get those pics out and make some sketches.

For making the buildings I used 3mm foamboard and wooden coffee stirrers (or hobby sticks). I also used the same binding methods on the walls as I did for the saloon I started building for my Seamus crew a while ago.

Now some pics; the first few buildings (left to right): Gunsmith; General Store; Bar / Saloon; Church

Church with the roof on and the back window detail.

While waiting for the buildings to dry I started doing the wooden bits. The inevitable piece for any decent western town, the gate with the town's name and population. (To be frank I have no idea what these were used for in the old west but they appear in every single western movie or picture and I thought they look cool.) And the other one is a water tank. I also started making a classic American windmill-waterpump but it's not in the state of taking photos yet.

And finally a group shot of the small buildings with wooden front walls attached.


More to come, stay tuned! ;)


  1. They looked as good in real life as they do in the pics. Great job!

    Now get 'em finished ;)

  2. They look fantastic. Do you have any templates that I could use to build my own?

  3. Thanks, Winter,
    No I'm afraid there are no templates, I just sketched a few buildings I wanted to build then cut 'reasonably sized' bits of foamcore to build. I will measure them and post it later, though, hope that will help...