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Monday, 31 January 2011

A bit of painting

Trying to keep my progress I continued painting Seamus & Co. Although there are still parts I want to finish on them I decided to do their bases so that they feel more like actual pieces rather then wip bits.

The first belle I ever painted was the one in the green dress so I tested the colour scheme on that one. First the wood looked a little too yellow but finally I managed to get it right and done it on all the others too. Then the green one got some blood splatters on her and spilt blood on the floor as planned on the display diorama.

There were a few bits that I needed to finish like the shading between fingers, some nmm, the blonde hair, the inside of the red parasol and things like that bit now they will just get a varnish and they are finished. Apart from the blonde one in the blue dress, her face is still very sketchy. 

Now Seamus got some nmm and finally assembled but there's quite a lot to do on him. I tried to paint wood grains on the flintlock but it went completely wrong so that will have to go back to brown. The hat needs highlighting and more smoothing on the coat. The nmm bit on the toecap got chipped while I was putting him on the base so that has to be fixed too but I like him already.

Lastly I did a bit of the Punk Zombies bases but nothing crucial. New pics taken anyway.

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  1. They look great! I am painting up Seamus and his ladies at the moment so this is good for inspiration!

    I really like the swords on the zombies.