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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Seamus vs. Lucius

As promised the report of the 30SS game I had against Talos's Lucius crew. Talos flipped for location and Special occurance and got badlands and Soulstone Vein, although we actually had a pioneer town, using the great new terrain pieces in the club.

We flipped for Strategies on the expanded encounter chart; Lucius got Claim Jump (placed it on the big stack of crates on my right) and chose to keep it (Lucius can freely re-flip strategies if he wants to) and I got Deliver a message. I never had to play this before so I was happy to try it.
Crews picked:

Talos - Lucius with 3SS cache
Guild Guard captain - 7
Lawyer - 7
Austringer - 5
3 Guild Guards - 12

Ish - Seamus with 2SS cache
Copycat Killer - 2
Dead Rider (proxied by Hamelin) - 10
2 Rotten Belles - 8
2 Punk Zombies - 10

Schemes picked:
Talos - Bodyguard [announced] and Kill Protégée [announced]
Ish - Steal Relic [hidden] and Army of the Dead [announced]

Diagonal deployment. Lucius crew deployed first.

Turn 1
Seamus won the initiative flip. Both crews moved up. I split my crew up to 2; Seamus a belle a zombie and the little fella straight up in the middle towards the ss-vein and the rest sneaking around the left. Talos kept his crew together behind a building but with a chance of going on either sides of it.

Turn 2
Lucius won initiative and moved a guard up a bit, ready for reactivation. Seamus activated simultaneously with the copycat moving into position and opening one hell of a fire on the guards around the corner, killing the Guild Guard Captain and 1 guard with some really lucky cards on the damage. Then the austringer and one other guard returned the fire reducing Seamus to 1 Wd! A belle on the left lured in the remaining guard (twice) causing some minor damage, but more importantly getting him within charge range of the rider. Rider moved on with Mounted Combat killing the guard. Things got really messy unusually early in the game, Seamus actually had to burn a soulstone to prevent damage to even survive the turn.

Turn 3
Seamus won initiative. Activated with a belle who moved next to him and lured the rider a bit closer. Seamus killed the belle with live for pain healing up to 11Wd ready for the next wave of attack from the guild. More shooting happened but no one died this turn thanks to the rider running up into melee range of the austringer and Lucius.

Turn 4
Seamus won initiative. The Rider activated moving closer to Lucius and delivering the message, earning 4VP. The Guild concentrated on killing him now to get the Scheme done but he miraculously survived. The remaining belle lured him out of combat and a punk zombie ran up to get in the way of any chasers. On the other side of the building Seamus activated the Trail of Fear and run up to Lucius, collecting corpses and stealing the relic for another 1 VP. Then the leprechaun swapped places with him to make sure he escapes the fight.

Turn 5
There was some more punching about and Lucius took his revenge on a punk zombie, killing it dead. Seamus and the rider ran back to the far corners and into safety, ending the game.

Unfortunately I couldn't scoop up more then 3 corpses with Seamus and Talos had 3 models left at the end of the game but it was enough for victory as the Lucius couldn't break through the shambling zombies to stake his claim.

Victory points
Seamus - 6VP; Deliver a message (4) Army of the Dead (1) and Steal Relic (1)
Lucius - 2VP; Bodyguard

It was a really fun game, was good to see the rider in action and being less frail then the rouge necromancy was last week. And it was educational to see the power of indirect fire from the austringer under the command of the governor's secretary; I hope I will never have to fight 2 austringers in the same time.


  1. Nice report. Sounds brutal in the second turn, thank goodness Seamus had Hard to Kill. Interesting to see deliver the message played as well. I would think showgirls would do that pretty well as well. I might have to try it out. I have found Claim Jump is a difficult one to play since you need to be around after 6 turns, and positioned correctly. It means that the opponent knows what you are doing

  2. Yes, it was brutal. We both played quite aggressively and that sped up the game so much! I got scared to lose Seamus as flanking Lucius with him and the rider was major part of the plan to be able to deliver the message. Hard to kill kept him alive but there was still one attack to go off that's why i needed to burn a stone.
    Claim Jump can be difficult with crews like Lucius but shouldn't be a problem with Kiraii or Collette for example. Or even Seamus.