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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Shopping and getting sidetracked

Having run out of some main materials over the holidays I thought it was time to stock up a bit. Fortunately CassArt had a sale on so I could save some money on this.

Or more like I could have as I got over excited and bought some more stuff that I didn't actually need... Firstly a pack of clear resin for water effects that was half price. I was meaning to try this out for a long time but somehow never got down to it so this seemed like a great opportunity. Then I bought some x-acto blades, super glue, big pots of acrylic paints for terrain painting and foamboard. Then I went to DarkSphere to pick up an order and they happened to have some Wyrd graveyard base inserts. I normally don't buy pre-made bases but these seemed to compliment the canine remains well. After cleaning and filing them I figured that I can only use 3 of them for the dogs so the remaining 2 went to two mindless dead. So I ended up cleaning and assembling all the dogs and mindless zombies instead of painting. I had two packs of mindless dead as Nico needs at least 4-5 of them in a game, sometimes more. I have drawn sketches about converting these but yet again this got lost in the bottomless dark box of wip projects. So some puttying and and filing and sculpting later I am not any closer completing my January to do list but I have some half ready conversions and a bunch of more models ready to paint...


  1. What is the model with the box(?) on it supposed to be?

  2. That is a mindless zombie with half a coffin... I was hoping to make up for my lack of painting skills with some fun sculpting but it does not seem to have worked... xD

  3. Ah that makes sense. I think it looks a little too rounded? Like maybe you need to file down the putty so that he finish is straighter (more like wood used in a coffin). Still looks good!