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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Malifaux testplay

Just a quick update for today; we had a bit of Malifaux playtesting of the new minions from Rising Powers with Bill.

40SS game so we can add some new guys without losing the idea of how our crews work.

I brought:

Seamus [Cache: 3SS]
Sybelle [6SS]
Grave Spirit [1SS]
3 Belles [12SS]
2 Punk Zombies [10SS]
Rogue Necromancy [10SS]

Bill’s crew:

Lillith [Cache: 6SS]
Cherub [2SS]
Lelu [7SS?]
Lilitu [7SS?]
Mature Nephilim [10SS]
Young Nephilim [6SS]
2 Terror Tots [6SS]

The strategies were quite unfortunate, I got Turf War and Bill flipped Contain Power; neither of them seemed possible to achieve given that we already picked crews (should have chosen strategies according to crews this time). We picked 2 schemes each to compensate. I went for Stake Your Claim and Breakthrough and Bill chose Breakthrough and Kidnap on the belles. We both announced breakthrough and kept the other hidden.

After the usual running up in Turn 1 I dug myself in behind the 2 buildings on the middle of the table, ready to face the Neverborn horde. Bill’s Terror tots run up on the middle, the mature nephilim on my left flank and everyone else on the right.

I decided to go for the big guys first and take them out one by one, so in Turn 3 a Belle lured in the mature nephilim causing 1 wd with the free attack. The nephilim hit back and killed the bell. Slow to die action was undress giving the neph -2Df for the rest of the turn. The punk zombie nearby spent its activation further damaging the nephilim reducing it to 1 wd, then the grave spirit killed it with it’s chill touch. That was the best killing I have ever done, a 10 SS killing machine taken out by a 1 SS totem… :P

Seamus on the middle was waiting for his opportunity to kill stuff as the terror tots cowed back into cover. On the left flank Lilith charged the other punk zombie and a belle, both of them miraculously surviving. Then the young nephilim charged in killing the belle. Lilitu lured Sybelle out of the mess and started working on her with Lelu. This is where I thought the Rogue Necromancy will come handy. Spat acid on the melee on the right, with some very unfortunate flips reducing my own punk zombie and not even causing blast damage on the nephilims. Moved in to combat and attacked Lilith once and the young nephilim once. Lilith just laughed in its face and shook all attacks off with ease but the young nephilim died due to a red joker on the damage flip.

Turn 4 was where everything turned from bad to worse for me. With almost all my minions wounded, stuck in melee, having absolutely no chance of getting anywhere near my objectives, Lilith won the initiative flip. In her activation she killed the Rogue Necromancy which brought to my attention that it is neither hard to kill nor slow to die! That is pretty unusual for any decent undead stuff. Anyway, Seamus shot her in the face and then retreated to hide behind the buildings, possibly sneaking closer to Bill’s deployment zone. The remaining belles got killed by  Lilith achieving Kidnap, the grave spirit still in melee and still resisting every attack. Sybelle died to Lelu and Lilitu.

The bunch of corpses on the left are the nephilim and the belle, the bigger load in the middle is the leftover of the rouge necromancy and whatever was around it...

Turn 5 we run around a bit more, I summoned a belle and ran back to my deployment zone preventing Bill from getting breakthrough and we called it the end of the game. He won 1-0 anyway and we got to try our precious (or rather, expensive) new toys. Next week I’ll see how the Dead Rider plays against a Lucius crew.


  1. Interesting battle report. I need to write up a couple of them as well with the new RP models I am using. The Lilitu/Lelu is a very powerful combo, and with their Uber-companion rules they can slaughter a model in a turn. I didn't realise they are 14 pts, so I guess this is pretty reasonable. Plus, once one is dead, the other will die pretty quickly.

    How did the dead rider go? I need to try the Mechanical Rider.

  2. Yes the twins are quite strong but fortunately only got sybelle. :P I suppose lillith crew could only be stopped if you can play more aggressively then they do; not very likely in my case.

    Read the new report about the rider just one above!