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Sunday, 14 August 2011

BloodBowl Lizardmen - Building the team

In the last few years I haven't been playing blood bowl on the tabletop, but used the pc / psp version  instead. And since it is much easier to try new teams I abandoned my long time favourite orcs and gave some others a go. Of all the teams that I tried I liked the playstyle of the Lizardmen the most, so I decided to make a tabletop crew for them.

However I didn't like the look of the official GW models that have probably been designed some time before man invented fire. I looked around on the internet for alternative teams (such as the excellent Sarcos or the Horned Frogs from Greebo) but most of them were, unfortunately, over the budget. I also tend to like 'exclusive' stuff (like everyone else in this hobby) so in the end I decided to convert my own team from GW fantasy Lizardmen based on the video game's designs made by Cyanide Studio.

So I went shopping on the various 'bitz box' sites and ebay stores and managed to buy 6 skinks and 6 temple guards for about £5.00. Then I dug into the bits box of my local club and rescued 3 painted skinks and a painted kroxigor. This latter one is a rather old sculpt and looks a bit wimpy next to the newer temple guards so I'm still not sure if I will use it or get an alternative model.

I carefully sorted the bits and mixed the arms and heads around as not to have duplicate models, then started converting them. First off the Skinks. I didn't want all of them to look the same so I used the design with 'backward loincloths' on 4 of them, one of the 'armoured' designs on another four, and the last design on the last skink that I decided will be the star player Hemlock.


Then I got on with the Saurii

Finally the skink starplayer, Hemlock. To represent his special ability 'stab' I used some tusks from the remaining bits with some greenstuff, giving him a long sharp piece of bone strapped to his arm.

After the groupshot I realised that I completely forgot about the skinks' shoulder pads, so I chopped up some plastic tube and greenstuffed it onto their shoulders.

And here they are, all ready for priming. Stay tuned, I will upload the painting process in new posts.


  1. Amazing stuff! You do wonders with the green stuff!

    Excellent custom team...

  2. Thanks mate, glad you like them. I still need a lot of practice but I'm quite happy with how they turned out too. :D