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Sunday, 21 August 2011

BloodBowl Lizardmen - Painting #1 - Saurus

I am probably the last person who still didn't try the fancy new washes that appeared in the stores of many leading companies of late. This is about to change with my new Lizardmen BloodBowl team.

That's right, after using the blatant shortcut called 'Army Painter Colour Primer' I am going to give in a little more by using GW foundation paints and washes. For a start I bought 2 foundation paints (bone white and something similar to scab red) and 3 washes (devlan mud, sepia and purple wash). There is another 'first time' in this process, at least first time in a long while. I am using metallic paints on these guys. Nmm is nice and pro and all that but it is too much a hassle and sometimes a bit out of character for the models.  So the plan is to basecoat, wash then re-basecoat and highlight the lizardmen. This is about as close to dipping as I will ever go, but I really want to see how much quality will one have to sacrifice on the altar of speed. So without further ado, here is the first set of players to be painted this way.

I'm not gonna take a photo of every model after every step, instead I will make a step by step on one Saurus and take a group shot when I get to the end of a painting session. So the step by step starts here:

Painting the basecoat colours, starting with the bones and lighter parts,

Followed by brown for the brown and for the golden bits. I am told that brown undercoat makes for richer gold so I tried it.

Then the reds,

Bone white again for details,

Red again to tidy up around the edges and gold metallic coat,

And finally the whole model washed with Devlan Mud.

Here's a nice groupshot, this is how far we got in only a few hours.

I'm gonna leave them like this for now, get the skinks up to this level, then re-base coat and highlight them all. I am really happy with the results so far. Although obviously they will never be more then ttq models, that is exactly what I was after. And the speed and ease that comes with using washes is amazing, I regret not trying this stuff earlier. Although I hardly had any models I could have painted this way until now...

And finally, some better pics for the end so there is something to drool on until next time. :P

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