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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Dark Heresy chaos sorceror

A good friend of mine asked me to help him with a model he converted. It is made of different GW parts and is going to be a chaos sorceror in his Dark Heresy campaign.

He did all the basing and gluing together and everything, only asked me to slap some putty on the dude as his hood was missing and there were big gaps on his cloak where the different parts fit together. It was a quick thing, not much to do on him but thought I would upload it anyway as I like the model.

This is it, I'm just gonna wait for the putty to dry then wash the cloak with Milliput Superfine solution to make those remaining little gaps disappear.


  1. Looking good, Ish. How's he coming along?

  2. Hey Tim, I actually finished him since but still didn't take any pics so nothing to show... At the moment I'm posting 6 weeks in retrospect but I can bring him down the club if you're around. :)
    Or I could just get myself together and take a photo for you. Either one or the other will happen shortly, promise. xD