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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Big Update - I'm back!

After six months of absence I am back to blow the dust from the shelves again and begin updating my blog about what I have been up to recently.

As a friend of mine put it 'if I don't have much spare time for my hobby I rather spend it gaming then writing about gaming' and he is right. About half a year ago a couple of things happened at once and as a result I cut my blogging time to have more gaming time. First of all I have become a Malifaux Henchman for Wyrd. I have been thinking about this one for a long time as I didn't want to take responsibility or sacrifice my little hobby time to be a rep, but in the end I decided to give it a go, and I am very happy I took the plunge. For this I needed to finish painting the Ortegas (see the other post I backdated to March) and get a bit more cosy with my local store. So I have run demos and a tournament, and at the moment I'm working on a story campaign. Just for the record: if you're in London and looking for an intro to Malifaux, looking for a gaming group or even just want to get a game in with someone new, write me here or  on the Wyrdboards.

The second big thing was that I was invited to be committe member at my local club. This I'm really happy about as the community down there is amazing and the club 'facilities' are first class. Very nice tables and terrain, plenty of gaming time (3 sessions per week plus Sunday for board games and RPGs), great range of games (Warhammer /40k, WM/H, Malifaux, Infinity, Cutlass, BloodBowl, Epic, Dystopian Wars, and so on) and last but not least, a nice range of beer and very good menu at the bar.

So besides these, a full time job, the occasional freelancing, a girlfriend and actual gaming, I didn't want to spend my remaining time in front of the computer. As things have now settled a bit I will try and occasionally update the blog. Starting right here and now with the few projects I have been working on recently (see actual posts through the links).

I already mentioned the finished Ortegas and backdated a post for them. [link]

I have also bought and painted a proxy for the Dead Rider for Malifaux, which wasn't released yet at the time of my last tournament. Since then the official mini is out and I am planning to buy and paint that too but it's not on the top of my list. [link]

 A somewhat bigger project was my new BloodBowl Lizardmen team. I tried to convert the GW fantasy lizardmen to look a bit more like the ones in the video game and I'm quite happy with them. [link]

Next in line will be a Lost Boys themed crew (from Peter Pan) for Cutlass. I originally wanted to buy some models for this from various companies but in the end I couldn't justify the cost. So I made some sketches I will try my hand at sculpting from scratch.

Any  way, it's good to be back and to put something new on the shelves, I hope I will be able to stay disciplined and write new updates on a more regular basis.

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